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What is Bellow cover?

Bellow covers are using in cnc machines and conventional machines to protect the moving parts of a machine .these are available in different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a bellow covers then we will provide you a best price and best quality bellow covers. Bellow covers are mostly used in c shape . And others shapes are also use in machine famous shape of bellow is c shape and flat shape . Some of the machine tool builders are using bellow cover of round shape
Bellow covers life ?
These life will be depend on different types of factor :

  • Type of fabric you used that is a big factor that effects life of a bellow cover. If quality fabric used in Bellow making then it will be more life as compare to normal fabric. Normal life of Bellow covers is approx. 2 years it may be vary depend on conditions.
  • Maintenance of a Bellow covers also effects its life .If you are cleaning Bellow covers regularly then its life will more as compares to non maintained Bellow covers.
  • Installation of bellow covers effect its life .If you properly install Bellow covers then life will become more .if Bellow cover installed with wrong method it will effect Bellow covers life.
  • Coolant you used in machine effects Bellow covers .If you are using good quality Coolant then life of Bellow cover will be more.
  • Chips accumulate in machine will also effects its life. If Sharpen edges metal chips are accumulated in machine then sharp edged chips will tear the Bellow covers .
  • Manufacturing defect will also effect .if any type of mistake made by manufacturer then it will be effect Bellow cover life.


  • Black Bellow covers : Black Bellow covers are black color Bellow covers. As picture attached in this post that is also a black bellow covers.
  • C shape Bellow covers: This type of bellow covers are in c shape section .
  • Flat Bellow cover: These type of Bellow covers are in flat shape. This bellow covers are stitched on both side of strip. design and manufacturing of this type of Bellow cover is simple.
  • Round Bellow cover: Round bellow cover are in round shape .These types of Bellow cover are used to cover ball screw or lead screw in a machine.
  • Square Bellow cover: Square Bellow covers are in square shape .It is mostly used in ball screw covering.

Bellow covers are mostly made by Coated fabrics as per Bellow application area. Dust Area - PVC coated Facrics.

How to chose a Bellow cover ?

Here we will discuss how to chose a Bellow covers for a machine.If you are looking a bellow covers for VMC machine that have two guideways and a one ball screw then you can choose a c shape bellow covers for VMC machine.2. If any vertically axis in machine then you can add c shape fabric Bellow covers that is good option for a Vertical axis.3. You can add stainless steel strips for hot metal chips on a c shape fabric Bellow cover ,either it is a vertical axis or a horizontal axis.4. We are always using Round Bellow covers for ball screw covering because ball screw is round in shape.5. Flat Bellow covers are using for simple design that’s work like a curtain.6. Square shape Bellow covers are using for a laser machine.7. Parachute fabric Bellow covers are using for less closing because this fabric have less thickness then others.8. Where closing of a Bellow covers is not matter then you can use Gypsy hood fabric.9. For hot metal chips you can add high temperature fabric because hot chips will not effecting this type of fabric.10. Angular Bellow covers with stainless strip if axis is horizontally.11 .You can add PVC sheet below Bellow covers because it resist wear and tear of Bellow covers.12. You have to add PVC strips seizure because its make rigid Bellow covers.